OZY technology

Controlled ozone sanitisation.

It works automatically, and it is absolutely trustworthy. .

It allows full traceability of the done disinfection cycles.

What makes OZY different from other ozone generators?

OZY is the only one which can tell you how much ozone there is in the environment that is getting sanitised.

Unlike all other ozone generators, OZY is the only one that controls the ozone level produced into the environment, managed it and convert it again in oxygen at the end of the sanitisation. 

This is because, according to ozone studies, every pathogen can be eliminated/inactivated only by maintaining for a specified time a certain ozone level.

The whole sanitisation process is manageable remotely through an App. It is possible to control more than one OZY at the same time. At the end of the sanitisation, it is possible to download in PDF the relative graph directly onto its own device. 

Would you like to know more about it?

How does the sanitisation happen?
We are the only one who tells you.

Based on the pathogens that want to be eliminated, it is needed to achieve a certain ozone level and maintain it for a specified time.

3 steps form the graph regarding each sanitisation:
STEP 1 necessary ozone level achievement
STEP 2 ozone level maintaining for the due time
STEP 3 generated ozone reconversion in oxygen.

The graph has the sole purpose of conceptually illustrating the operation of OZY systems
O3ZY SA - OZY grafico della sanificazione con ozono - tecnologia

Eleven sensors ensure high operative safety and better air quality improving people wellbeing.

OZY sanitises and monitors the air quality within the environment that it purifies.

The sensors’ number depends on the OZY version

O3ZY SA - OZY - icona ozono


O3ZY SA - OZY - icona sensore presenza


O3ZY SA - OZY - icona co2


O3ZY SA - OZY - icona co


O3ZY SA - OZY - tecnologia - icona pm25 - pm10

PM 2,5

O3ZY SA - OZY - tecnologia - icona pm25 - pm10

PM 10

O3ZY SA - OZY - tecnologia - icona temperatura


O3ZY SA - OZY - tecnologia - icona umidità


O3ZY SA - OZY - tecnologia - icona composti organici


O3ZY SA - OZY - tecnologia - icona diossido azoto


O3ZY SA - OZY - tecnologia - icona rilevazione fumo


A minimalistic design for a guaranteed sanitisation.

Slide SanityFilter to reconvert ozone in oxigen Clean air output Ozone output Air input

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