OZY SYSTEM tecnologies

The integrated service + product solution for analysing, maintaining and restoring wellness and healthiness in indoor environments by inactivating the pathogenic microbiological load.

Research, Analysis, Development

The innovative and scientifically validated technological solutions offered by O3ZY SA are the result of research and development and ex-ante, in-itinere, and ex-post analysis of the needs highlighted by the individual scenarios analysed.

The robust integration between the analysis and execution phases makes  e fase di esecuzione fa di OZY SYSTEM the only tool that can contribute to public and private health with specific, validated, and replicable results, thanks to a proprietary protocol of action

How is the OZY SYSTEM protocol implemented? By applying the technology!

OZY devices, manufactured in-house, meet all the technical construction requirements for treatments to be compliant with current standards. This makes OZY devices stand out among those on the market because they can control, manage and measure (punctually and repeatably) each treatment, providing relatively objective evidence.


UV-C technology allows OZY LIGHT devices to treat the air directly, and consequently surfaces, in the presence of people. Field tests show that constant and continuous use of the technologies reduces the risk of spreading infectious diseases.



OZY AIR technology is equipped with a control, management, and measurement system that guarantees and demonstrates the stages of the air and surface treatment in the absence of people. Microbiological analyses have shown objectively, an exponential reduction of indoor pathogenic charges.