OZY LIGHT is a certified and patented UV-C ray device that sanitizes the air against viruses and bacteria. 

OZY LIGHT is certified UNI EN 17141:2021 and guarantees the inactivation of viruses and bacteria directly in the air and indirectly on surfaces.
The efficacy of OZY LIGHT has been demonstrated by the Maugeri Scientific Clinical Institutes, which have tested the system with more than 1400 samples directly in sanitary environments.
OZY LIGHT is able to treat up to 150 cubic meters of air per hour.

Patented sanitization in the presence of people. OZY AIR is the only device on the market that objectively returns the sanitization values carried out.
OZY LIGHT sanitizes the air using UV-C lamps and is therefore used in the presence of people. This allows to sanitize any environment up to 24 hours a day.

OZY LIGHT is easily installed on the wall (vertically or horizontally) or on the floor by means of a floor lamp and can be managed and programmed remotely via the OZY LINK app.