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prevention with UV-C ray technology


Thanks to OZY LIGHT, you can keep microbiological contamination in air and surfaces in indoor environments low



  • Efficacy demonstrated by Journal of Hospital Infection
  • Validated according to UNI EN 17141:2021 standards
  • CE marked
  • Remotely manageable
  • Programmable
  • Recommended for OZY SYSTEM

Breathe clean air wherever you are

OZY LIGHT UV-C devices work inside rooms, in the presence of people. They are capable of real-time and constant disinfection of air and surfaces

Features list

  • Approved at FOPH

  • Ability to be programmed

  • Certificate at the end of treatment

  • Manageable by App & Webapp

  • Operates autonomously

  • Patented technology

  • It works in the presence of people

  • Ergonomic handles

  • Comfortable transportation thanks to wheels


    What is called the "DOSE of UV-C" is nothing more than the product of the energy of the radiation measured over a known area, times the residence time and is measured in J/m2. Along with dynamic parameters, and constants, of primary importance is know-how in applied technology. The following certificate is the result of OZY's patent-protected know-how


    Find out everything, but everything about OZY LIGHT
    1When can I use OZY LIGHT?
    You can use OZY LIGHT whenever you want. It is designed with the idea of being programmed and self-managing. It is usually used during working hours and in general when there is crowding within work and non-work environments. Being able to be used in the presence of people, OZY LIGHT has no limits of use.
    2Are the treatments performed by OZY LIGHT based on scientific studies?
    The technological operation and effectiveness of OZY LIGHT is based on and defined by the scientific study that The Journal Of Hospital Infections published and can be found HERE.
    3How do I manage OZY LIGHT?
    You can manage it remotely thanks to the OZY LINK application, which is available on both the APP store and webapp. This application can ONLY be downloaded and used by those who own at least one product in the OZY line.
    4Can I schedule the cycles?
    Yes, you can schedule and manage them through the OZY LINK app and webapp. You can program the time and the type of cycle to run. You can also associate it with a user and a room, so you also get all this information on the certificate available at the end of the treatment.
    5Do you return a certificate at the end of the cycle?
    Yes. The certificate is saved automatically at the end of the cycle, within the control panel of the device and visible directly from the OZY LINK App. This certificate can be archived, downloaded and printed. Each certificate can contain the following information: location, start and end date and time, responsible user, location. Such certificate is issued according to the reference standards to which all OZY LIGHT products are validated.