OZY CAR, is a patented system, that certificates the air and surfaces sanitisation, against viruses, fungus,
bacteria and molds



OZY CAR technology has an efficient ozone generation and control system which produces 10 g/h. OZY CAR can measure, control and manage ozone safely through the ozone sensor with patented technology.


It is recommended to sanitize transports of any kind like buses, trains, ship/boat cabins, vans, lorries. The sanitization time, depending on the means of transport treated, is less than 40 minutes. The time required to travel safely.

How does the sanitisation happen?
We are the only one who tells you.

Based on the pathogens that want to be eliminated, it is needed to achieve a certain ozone level and maintaining it for a specified time. 

For example, to inactivate viruses, it is requested 4,2 ppm and maintain this level for 20 minutes.

To eliminate bacteria, it is requested 2,2 ppm of ozone level and maintaining it for 20 minutes. For molds is requested ozone level of 2 ppm for 60 minutes. 

3 steps form the graph regarding each sanitisation:
STEP 1 necessary ozone level achievement
STEP 2 ozone level maintaining for the due time
STEP 3 generated ozone reconversion in oxygen.


Length (cm): 39
Width (cm): 27
Height (cm): 25
Weight (kg): 15


Remote with APP


Ozone generator(g/h): 10
Power (W): 350/550/750
Voltage (V): 220
Frequency (Hz): 50
Touchscreen: HDMI 3.4”
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