Control, Management, and Measurement of Ozone Concentration, in Real Time

OZY AIR is a prevention and sanification device that treats the air and surfaces through ozone in people’s absence and with complete safety and autonomy. According to the national health guidelines, specific parameters, such as ozone distribution in the environment (i.e., concentration) and time of action, which are necessary to achieve the set goal relative to the size and geometry of the room, must be met.

OZY AIR technology is equipped with a control, management, and measurement system that ensures the three stages of air and surface treatment: Saturation, Maintenance, and Elimination/Filtration.

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Each treatment is scientifically validated by a certificate representing all the data according to the current standards guaranteed by analysis at an accredited third-party Laboratory and the reference protocol adopted.

The chart aims only to illustrate the operation of the OZY systems conceptually
PHASE 1 (Saturation):
Achievement of the required ozone level
STEP 2 (Holding):
Maintaining the set value for an appropriate amount of time
PHASE 3 (Elimination/Filtration):
Conversion of the generated ozone into oxygen