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ozone prevention and sanitization


OZY AIR is the only product on the ozone disinfection market to have obtained the approval



  • Efficacy demonstrated by Journal of Hospital Infection
  • Approved with the Federal Office of Public Health - FOPH
  • Validated in accordance with the UNI EN 17272:2020 standard
  • Validated according to the UNI EN 17141:2021 standard
  • CE marked
  • Remotely manageable
  • Programmable
  • Recommended for OZY SYSTEM

Breathe clean air wherever you are

OZY AIR ozone devices are designed to remove all pathogens that are dispersed on surfaces and in the air.

Features list

  • Approved at FOPH

  • Ability to be programmed

  • Certificate at the end of treatment

  • Manageable by App & Webapp

  • Operates autonomously

  • Presence/security sensors

  • It works in the absence of people

  • Ergonomic handles

  • Comfortable transportation thanks to wheels


    Each treatment is carried out in compliance with current regulations and is represented by the relevant certificate, guaranteeing the result and traceability.
    The following certificate is the result of OZY's patent-protected know-how

    • PHASE 1 - SATURAZIONE: attainment of a specific ozone concentration in parts per million (PPM)
    • PHASE 2 - MAINTENANCE: maintaining the achieved concentration for a specific time and determined by scientific studies
    • PHASE 3 - FILTRATION: filtration with reconversion of ozone to oxygen until the regulated habitability threshold is reached


    Find out everything, but everything about OZY AIR
    1What is ozone?
    Ozone (O3) is a triatomic form of oxygen (O2) found naturally in air and water. This highly oxidizing gas is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). When ozone is introduced into air or water, it begins to degrade and transforms into diatomic oxygen (O2) and a highly reactive oxygen atom (O). This oxygen atom is capable of oxidizing and destroying resistant organic molecules that are difficult to biodegrade. Due to its powerful disinfectant properties, the ozone molecule (O3) naturally converts to the oxygen molecule (O2), leaving no harmful traces or residues in the surrounding environment. This characteristic makes ozone an extremely environmentally friendly technology. For many years, ozone has been used globally in advanced oxidation processes and regeneration and purification treatment of air and water, thus helping to preserve the health and quality of the environment.
    2How do ozone treatments take place?
    We are the only ones to tell you. The ozone sanitization cycle occurs in three steps. The first step, called the SATURATION PHASE, ozone is emitted into the indoor environment up to a certain level(See the study published in "The Journal Of Hospital Infections"). The second step of treatment is called the "MAINTENANCE PHASE." In this step, ozone is maintained for a specified time and at the concentration in PPM reached in the SATURATION phase. The third phase of the cycle, the final phase, is called the "CONVERSION PHASE" in which ozone is automatically converted back to oxygen. At the end of this phase, having reached the minimum ozone level defined by current laws, OZY AIR will go into stand-by and a notification will be sent to the user, who can re-enter the environment.
    3When can I use OZY AIR?
    OZY AIR is absolutely to be used in the absence of people. We recommend using OZY AIR both for recurring sanitation activities (perhaps every night) and especially for handling extraordinary situations such as contagions. If during treatment, a person or animal enters the environment, OZY AIR blocks thanks to the presence PIR sensors that once motion is detected, blocks OZY AIR and sends a notification to the user. OZY AIR is to be used in the absence of people.
    4Are the treatments performed by OZY AIR based on scientific studies?
    The technological operation and effectiveness of OZY AIR is based on and defined by the scientific study that The Journal Of Hospital Infections published and can be found HERE.
    5How do I manage OZY AIR?
    You can manage it remotely thanks to the OZY LINK application, which is available on both the APP store and webapp. This application can ONLY be downloaded and used by those who own at least one product in the OZY line.
    6Can I schedule the cycles?
    Yes, you can schedule and manage them through the OZY LINK app and webapp. You can program the time and the type of cycle to run. You can also associate it with a user and a room, so you also get all this information on the certificate available at the end of the treatment.
    7Do you return a certificate at the end of the cycle?
    Yes. The certificate is saved automatically at the end of the cycle, within the control panel of the device and visible directly from the OZY LINK App. This certificate can be archived, downloaded and printed. Each certificate can contain the following information: location, start and end date and time, responsible user, location. Such certificate is issued according to the reference standards to which all OZY AIR products are validated.