Why ozone?

Because it sanitises better than any other element

Ozone inactivates 99% out all pathogens*

Ozone has incredible sanitising and deodorant properties. It can eliminate 99% of pathogens in the environment like viruses, bacteria and molds. 

For this reason, ozone has been used for many years as the main disinfectant element in industries like food, healthcare, dentistry and in sectors as restaurants and hospitality. 

Ozone can be precisely measured

In principles, ozone concentration can be rapidly measured and with high precision in every room’s point. To demonstrate the rooms sanitisation efficacy reliably, it is enough to measure the ozone concentration by the precision sensors and the time necessary to eliminate the pathogen (e.g. for SARS COVID-19 virus: ozone 4,2 ppm for 20 min). 

The ozone distribution is uniformly within the indoor environment.

Ozone is heavier than air. This allows a much more plain ozone distribution within the room than the other devices purified air. The measurements have demonstrated that the ozone concentration in places apart slightly differs from the concentration near the ozone generator. OZY utilises this property like no other device. The result is the maximum sanitisation in the room. Combined with SanityFilter, OZY remove at the same time other pollutants and fine dust from the PM2.5 and PM10 categories.

Ozone is a natural element.

Did you know that?

During thunders, ozone is formed as a consequence of the high voltage in play. 

Ozone is produced by a combination of chemical reactions between nitrogen and oxygen

Lightnings are great ozone producers, the result is the fresh and pleasant smell after the storm.

How OZY produce ozone?

Inspired by lightning

Inside of OZY, there is an advanced system for generating ozone, based on the known technics of DBD. This recreates the chemical reactions cited previously, generating ozone with a constant controlled productive flow. 

OZY can generate ozone until 60 grams per hour, which can sanitise a large indoor environment. Depending on the room layout and equipment, it is possible to sanitise until 150 m2 (hight 3 mt) with one device. Multiple devices can be used for larger rooms.

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