Where did O3ZY come from??

O3ZY SA is the result of 30 years of know-how in industrial automation with a focus on measurement, management, and process control. It is a spin-off of Tecnomec SA, a historical Ticino-based subcontractor company operating in the precision engineering, aerospace, medical, energy, and defense industries.

O3ZY SA‘s technologies are:

  • Protected by international patents

  • Validated according to relevant standards

  • Approved by the Federal Office of Public Health


All the know-how of O3ZY SA is internal and includes:

• Research and development
• Mechanical design
• Electrical design
• Software design
• A control app design
• Real-time and remote diagnostics
• After-sales support


Through its partnership with Istituti Clinici Maugeri, O3ZY SA has acquired scientific know-how with which it has:

• Identified epidemic risks.
• Conducted microbiological analyses
• Demonstrated the effectiveness of OZY solutions
• Met the requirements of current standards*
• Obtained Swiss approval
• Developed the Prevention program: OZY SYSTEM


UNI EN 17272:2020: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Method for environmental disinfection by automated processes – Determination of bactericidal, mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, levuricidal, virucidal and phagocyticidal activity
UNI EN 17141:2021: Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments – Control of biocontamination.



The O3ZY team stands for continuous innovation and Swiss reliability.