Rising costs in health care have prompted an increasing focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of care, becoming a central aspect of health policy. Health economics focuses on analyzing the financial impact of medical technologies, assessing both health outcomes and costs to optimize resource allocation. Over time, specific methodologies of economic evaluation in health care have emerged to ensure transparent and objective evaluation criteria.

Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) and budget impact analysis (BIA) are widely adopted tools for assessing the effectiveness and costs of health technologies. CEA examines both the costs and consequences of treatments, while BIA evaluates short- and medium-term financial implications, especially in the implementation of new technologies. These approaches integrate financial analysis, assessing the sustainability of changes by considering multiple scenarios. The business approach requires an accurate assessment of real costs, also considering long-term implications.

  • Analysis of the financial impact of medical technologies: Economic evaluation focuses on the financial effect of health technologies, balancing health outcomes and costs.
  • Economic evaluation methodologies in health care: Specific methodologies have been developed to ensure transparency and objectivity in economic evaluations in health care.
  • Evaluation tools: CEA and BIA: CEA and BIA are used to evaluate the effectiveness and costs of health technologies, while also considering the short- and medium-term financial implications.
  • Business approach: It is essential to carefully evaluate real costs, considering the long-term implications of business decisions in health care.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of care: The focus on effectiveness and efficiency of care has become a central element of health policies, guiding resource allocation.

In summary, economic analysis in health care plays a key role in optimizing resources and evaluating the effectiveness of medical technologies, requiring a thoughtful approach and accurate assessment of long-term costs and benefits.